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My Baby Girl Dew joined her mother, brother, Strider and Star November 1, 2003

My Snazzy List of Links

Basenji Club of America Home Page
More Basenjis than you can curl a tail at!
CC Rider's Window on the Net
Home site of another S.F. Gater and fellow old guy! Plus a Grandfather of five and counting!
San Francisco Gate Conferences
If you like conferences, you'll love The Gate and The Gaters
Blueoak's Home Page, aka The Swamp Place
If you like the three stooges, you'll love Huey, aka Blueoak. Add his Gate partner-in-crime, Ragz and you have two of the three! Huey builds and presides over swamps!
Squeegee's Squishy Squadbay
Loonie, as he known to his fellow Gaters, is a Gyrene through and through! Ask him about his loin cloth only if you're brave....or foolhardy!
Mom Peepers' Place
Another SF Gater and all 'round nice person! And don't cheat on your taxes!
New World Basenjis
Meet Karla Schreiber and her New World Kidz!
Barney & Baylee's Circus
Meet Linda and her clowns!
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