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Vom Rojac's Lady Evenstar, SC, FCh.

DECEMBER 14, 1989 - OCTOBER 18, 2003

That's our Mom, Lady, With Daddy John. This is the day in 1992 when 
Mom earned her ASFA (American Sighthound Field Assoc.) Field Champion 
title in lure coursing. She was the No. 3 ASFA Basenji lure courser
in the U.S. that year. As you can see, she was totally bored by the 
hoopla that went along with the title. She just wanted to "chase the
bunny" some more!

The    'senji    Pups!!!!!

This is me and Dew and our littermates at about six weeks of age. From left to right: Dew, me (Bo), Charly, Zepher and Daphne. Charly lives in San Jose, CA. with Dana; Zepher in Palo Alto, CA. with Jennifer; and Daphne lives with Leigh in Oregon House, CA. Pretty handsome group of 'senji Hooligans if you want my opinion! By the way, Dew and I are the only official Hooligans. Daddy John gave us that name 'cause we're sorta rowdy at times!

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